Hey Jude, begin.

Pull it out and bring it to your surface.
Let it breathe on your pores
Let you wear it like the persistent hair on your legs
Now accept it.
Show it off to yourself and the world
It may be bad but it is real.
It may be gruesome but it is as important a part of you as when your eyes are filled with the sparkle of laughter.
I am sorry but you are you.
And I am sorry that I have to apologise for this.


Far away behind

The quality of worry is so prominent in our heads. The power of our minds when it comes to picturing anything transitioning from bad to worse is so intricate and real, it’s quite amusing.
Because we worry and worry and don’t take chances and lose the battle before it even starts.
Barely any of us want to jump, or are excited at the very chance of doing so.
Because we might have to tell ourselves I told you so,
Or we will be that crazy person whose head was so optimistic that it’s the very thing that crashed upon his/her skull.
Her claustrophobia is the reason why she is scared of small rooms. And buses. And a car with no AC and the windows up.
Is she going to forbid herself from never travelling in a bus because of something that has been termed psychologically traumatising? It is justified if she doesn’t do it, she’s claustrophobic after all.
But travelling in that bus. Suffocating and THEN breathing. Well, it’s a beautiful view outside isn’t it?

Letters to a friend #1

You are human, but you are so much more. You are not merely a homo sapien, you are a miracle. A miracle who is a beautiful amalgamation of fire and earth. Of air and water. And you possess spirit. You have a soul that is as wise as the trees we admire. We are all breathing miracles with the mystery of intellect and the magnificence of questioning.
There is also balance. There is happiness and sadness, babies and rotting corpses, and so much more.
I think that it’s great we feel both sides of the coin, and it’s essential that BOTH exist. This includes opening your heart to everyone (even the idiots) yet it also includes throwing them off cliffs. We must know everything and realise that there may also be nothing at the end. It might just be that the anticipation and drumroll to the curtains lifting is nothing but an empty stage.
Whatever it is, it’s quite an A.G; if you catch my drift.
Whatever it is, we are more than just a being.
We are the living breathing beating existence itself.


I’m shutting out the magic which is quite annoying. And in doing so I’m a line. There’s no up or down or happy or sad. Just one stupid line. It’s frustrating cause it’s like being back at the negative square one and I’m laughing at myself -_-

To my future self

When I think about these things,
I just want to laugh at our foolishness
How can we lose track of the bigger picture?
How can we be so selfish that it is so materialistic?
how the fuck can we claim that we are so superior
When all we do is oppress.
We lock down and we kill and we speak great speeches
All for what?
We are fighting for peace.
We are killing for happiness.
We are the juxtaposition.
It is all us.
I think that our lives are too based on winning
And being great
That we feel “great” on such a surface level.
I believe that we try to belong to a place which is unattainable.
We keep climbing the next floor
Reassuring that peace and happiness and all things that are truly great are just above.
so we climb and climb and climb only to throw ourselves off the roof
and for what?
So that these cameras on each staircase are tracking our success?
So that these eyes are content?
How do YOU feel when you are tired?
Do you push yourself because you want fo achieve, or because you feel that you are great and capable of so much.
Or is it because you can see all these heads disapproving your every move?
Why don’t you walk barefoot?
Try it out, don’t do it if you don’t want to.
But just try to feel the beauty in variation.
Nature has so much of magnificence,
The blades of grass have stories older than your imagination.
The trees have seen you grow and they are the true wise.
Please look around, don’t just glance.
Dear Anushka,
If you ever feel like the pressure of others,
Remember yourself.
remember all that you have felt
this is what it is to be alive.
please don’t lose track of your beauty
You have the capacity to do anything in this world.
Do yourself and this universe some justice.
It deserves at least so much.

Global turbulence

I love airports. It’s a beautiful thing to see a Japanese man sitting in front of you, a long haired teenage European to the right, a pregnant woman from who knows where walking. I will never know these people and it’s crazy how vast we are. I will never interact with them and they’re probably fighting their own demons and winning their own battles but for now they are travellers. And we’re all going wherever the world we are, for a purpose and our eyes will take in that city’s beauty. It’s quite bittersweet with the way we’re strangers, so different yet the same.


I have changed. (just like you)
SO much since 24th February that I am great.
I have days like this too
Days when I question every single choice that I have made which has brought me to this moment
Days when I don’t want to talk to anyone
Days when I feel so weak.
But I know that thats all this is,
A day.
There may be many but they are just passing by
It’s like washing your clothes.
That time when it’s wet and cold, you have to wait it out till you’re wearing your favorite sweater or self again.
I am very great.
I believe in the beauty this universe has to offer
I know my direction and I can FEEL it.
And if I find it in myself to put in a true effort,
I understand.
We need to help each other and make this world spin.
Not just rotate, but completely revel.
Greed is the root according to me.
We need more elephants and dogs
More trees and grass
Less tracking and biometric systems.