The butterfly who became a caterpillar.

I find it crazy ironic that we complain about compromising especially with materialistic shit, and how we should just live and all that. It’s funny because I don’t think most of us realise that we have already compromised so much of our identity by establishing ourselves to the rest of the world. And to the mirror.

Example 1.
I am funny and I am smart. Therefore if I’m serious or act dumb it’s just a mood, it’s not actually “me”.
Example 2.
I have a huge ego and I don’t like listening to people.
It is who I am, so deal with it or do not. I am me. I will not change.

Why establish yourself when you can be every single thing without being an ass about it. I find that a lot of people are overly defensive when it comes to their identity. I used to be like that too. I think it’s because either we love who we are, or we’re resistant to the change. Or maybe it’s just an ego issue. If it’s the first, and you’re comfortable with it, TRULY, actually comfortable then that’s great. If it’s any of the latter two, then know that there exists a quote which is beautiful and perfect for this scenario; “You are under no obligation to be who you were five minutes ago.”
And if we do compromise, don’t blame overt conditioning or such external factors,
know that we are responsible.


Through the chaos; slow down.

Is frustration inevitable? Last night I had a fight with a certain someone which ended up exploding into so much more than what it originally was. What caused this fight? The television. Yes, the freaking tv. I think that being in a surrounding where everyone is constantly questioning, if not judging or secretly rolling their eyes can leave a huge dent on you. Your beautiful vibes can get tangled within themselves, attempting to break free but to no avail. That’s the challenge though isn’t it? In an ideal location where everyone is rooting for you, watering you and urging for you to bloom is amazing, and it comes naturally.
But here. Here is where you’re faced against the world. It’s literally you versus them. The challenge is removing the versus. It’s not a fight, yet it’s one of the biggest fights you will ever partake in. You can’t let “them” affect “you”.
It’s fascinating how different we all are. The real task is to coexist in such a way that we’re all at our peaks without raining on someone else’s parade.

P.S- Damn you television.

How do you know when to stop trying?

When do you truly know to let go of something? Do you actually let go of it though? Or do you accept your past, accept that it was you and you are no longer the same and you don’t need the object/person/whatever anymore.
Personally in these instances, I find myself stopping to make an attempt when I get the same result over and over again. And the same result which frustrates me. I try different things, various approaches. But this isn’t an equation I’m trying to solve like Einstein, where I shouldn’t give up at all. It’s where I turn into a person which isn’t ideal for me; I accept that it’s there but it’s unnecessary and I don’t believe it adds to “me”. In this way I stop trying because I don’t want that bit of my identity to consume this side, the side which came out of hiding only recently and thus plans on making up for lost time and taking on the world if that’s what it comes to.
I believe that you need to let go of anything that stagnates you. Whether that is a part of you itself, or a friend or relative etc, there’s only so much effort you want to waste just to realise that this effort can be put into so so much more.
Your true potential is limitless and that is my promise.

Letters to a friend #2

What is home?
It can be a stranger’s smile, it can be your heart sounding like psychedelic music. It can be a KFC bucket or an apple – pomegranate juice. It can also be crying on the beach. Or yelling at who even knows. The point is that ‘h.o.m.e’ is too restricted. It’s not just home; it’s what you make it to be. That’s the scene, it’s everywhere. I believe that the moment we truly make peace with our present, we are home. Whether that’s in a person or a supermarket or an island, or our own mind, we are there. More than anything, I think it’s beautiful that us humans are crazy enough to be so naive to think that there can be only one.
And to those who find it hard to identify a place to truly rest their heads, know that your soul is your most infinite home, you can surely find peace there 🙂

I’m a lot like you when you’re standing at the reflection

It’s a powerful belief, to actually do something that will have such a drastic impact on the current scenario. It’s a lot of things, actually, such as hardwork, perseverance and all that. But one thing I don’t think it is, is being forceful.
You may have the brightest of ideas and most peaceful of intentions, you may just want a better world; but that doesn’t mean you take all this and shove it down everyone else’s throats. There is no right or wrong, there is only perspective. And even the ignorant, egotistical (I’ve been spelling that word as egoistical my entire life hehe) ones have the right to their opinions. You don’t have to agree to it, you may wonder how these strange beliefs that they have came up. You may even have the ability to point out an infinite number of errors, back it up with logic. Sure you can try, but there’s a certain way.
And if you can’t succeed, find subtle yet reassuring enough ways around that. See I’m not asking you to give up on them but understand that they have their ways of justifying their actions. And if they choose to be rude or offensive, they’re okay with it. You have to be okay with the fact that we’re all right, in the same way that we’re all wrong, because at the end of the day it’s the all of us that we’re dealing with.

Today I (literally) held on for the incoming impact of another person’s crash, into me. I cringed and took a deep breath and the anxiety was killing me. And just like that, it didn’t happen. I turned around to find that they had changed their direction, I was no longer an obstacle in their path. I realised that that’s the thing, I held on. I was there with everything I had and I held my own. The result, greatness.

Red and green

How do you love thorns?
Do you hug them while they pierce you
Trying to convince yourself
That this pain is beautiful.
This pain is needed to feel
That the blood pouring out is strong,
You are a woman after all and you are strong.
So, how do you love them? Do you stroke each tip
With it poking every cell in your finger
Tell me; why do you want to love the thorns? Are you not happy with the roses?
Oh, the comfortable roses.
The sweet smelling, intoxicating and beautiful roses.
Does it not satisfy you? Do you crave more?
 Okay, I’m curious, does the blinding pain push you? Or does it consume you? There is a thin line between the two. Which is it?
The thorns need love too after all, don’t they?
If that is what you think, then how do you think cactus grow?
If they require such less water in comparison to a rose,
Don’t you think that some of us require less love than others?
Now the question is this.
Who should receive more love,
The thorns or the roses?

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall (:

This is for all the beautiful ties that had to be snapped.
Picture this:
You are a balloon. And you have multiple strings because you have interacted with various other balloons. Some of them chill and fly with you because they happen to be going in that direction.
Some others pull you along to show you other winds, it’s challenging but nice.
Then there are those, who once showed you the greatest mountains and mesmerising valleys, but now you just don’t see them anymore. And you find your string still tangled, it’s pulling and claustrophobic even with the wind blowing in your face. It’s sad that you have to cut that one, but you’re a balloon who wants to experience things and you want to feel light. It’s time to discover mountains and valleys on your own.