I did absolutely nothing today other than lay in bed and watch TV. I literaly did not leave the room; THE ENTIRE DAY.
And after binge watching nothing yet a lot of things, I wanted to write this. About shadows.
There’s always gonna be a person who does better than you, whether you’re an artist or a writer or a businessman or whatever. And for all you know you’re a blip and their shadows initiate darkness all around you, in which you’re meant to burst with light. But all you are aware of are the infinite shadows that have intertwined into what’s seemingly a very uncomfortable vortex.
What I would like to say here is that there exist a lot of us who would like to look at the logic, we will analyse and attain a derivative, complete with ratios and probabilities of success or failure.
But there’s belief. Hope. Faith. Perseverance. A lot more words but you get the drift.
Let your light twirl with the shadow, to produce a beautiful dance of balance 🙂


It’s in those instances where the world spins a little slower, or maybe faster, where you connect with strangers and everything seems like it’s going to work out. It’s those moments you have to hold on to, not just as moments, but as existence itself.
There is an ocean of people out there, and there come these beautiful moments when you recognise THAT energy and what else is there to do but let the conversation just flow out of you; the conversations that matter. More than anything it gives you the peace of mind that it’s actually all good, it’s like a boost of an already accepted soul.

I’ve met some great people over the last couple of days and for that I am more than grateful (:


A few days ago I was really put off with the fact that those who want to do things, and help and all are in such a minority. And that was a day where the hope was just bleak, I was literally asking myself whom I was trying to fool. Because it’s practically grasping at loose ends of nothing. Those who see through all of this, who accept and who have legitimate intentions with everything they do, we’re just unseen to me. I didn’t know where to go to find them and I was searching desperately.
Then there was the airport.
I was standing in an infinite queue to pass through immigration when I saw these 2 men who would be 20 something. They had backpacks (legit intense ones) and looked very chill, for lack of better words. I was noticing one of the guy’s piercing which was in center of his nose and the other guy saw me looking. So he smiled at me and made an over exaggerated action of yanking out his friend’s piercing before they both burst out into laughter. IT WAS SO HAPPY AND GENUINE AND JFOENXJEMEJAMNX.
That’s when I realised that there are a lot of us, it’s not just a shout out into oblivion. World over; we exist and we are great and we will do something.