I’ve been hearing lately that our intentions are what truly matter, in spite of all the layers that may add on to their corresponding actions. I agree with this too, but I don’t believe that it is an appropriate excuse for inappropriate actions. You can’t just rain on someone else’s parade but claim that your intentions are good and so it’s justified.

!*Also I have been analysing actions based on character, and not character based on actions, which is something I would strongly recommend.


fun fact.

So there are a ton of extra photographs and paintings that I would like to put up, but unfortunately they are causing me a lot of hassle as there are quite a few difficulties but I’m figuring it out. It shall soon be updated.

The once and future king

Like a lotus, it comes to surface and blooms and enchants all those around,

Only to go back to the murky past it once belonged in. Because this it comfortable and it is safe there.

Don’t you realise that you are a whole? Don’t hide from yourself by crawling back into the very thing that is stopping you from fully, truly blooming.

Come outside; rise above.

It is scary and cold but it is really and fresh and it counts because you count.

Just stop counting backwards.

Primordial Soup meets Systematic Scalpels

There is always going to be a challenge. Whether its mental, physical, spiritual, or all the things in between, it will be established. There may be layers upon layers of perfectly intertwined shit, which requires you to sit and untangle it even though all you honestly want to do is sit among fields of green and paint and just be.

And damn, people can piss you off. I think they’re my biggest challenge, for now at least. It’s scary how vast the gap can be between our mental standings with someone, and our ideologies in general. This is not even along the lines of miscommunication, it’s purely different frequencies altogether. And it’s frustrating how we just do not get one another; we are absolutely absent. Agh these instances still get to me. Completely. Deep breathing will not help as you just see red. Deep breathing is far from it. See the red but know that there’s the calm blue also? Or don’t, I guess. I’m still figuring this out myself so oh well.

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

The trick is that there isn’t one.

There is no shortcut and no amount of daydreaming of the future or reminiscing the past is going to help.

Read this. Only this. Be involved.

Life never works the way you believe it will, but it will give you what you want, in a way at least. This way depends solely on your overall perception of all that around you.

How can you draw a boundary as to where you end?

How can you possible put a physical limit to your world.