Repetitive Renaissance

This post is for all those people (including myself) who find that their growth hits a plateau at times, and things end up being stagnant, mundane, and so forth.

Know that there is quite literally an infinite amount of knowledge that is so simple yet complex which can vary from the future of society, to the Mughal dynasty, to existing itself. And once you genuinely open that door which was stubbornly comfortable being shut because oh well, you will find that existing has never felt so alive.

It helps if you take a break from yourself, and by that I mean take a backseat and just observe and observe, especially yourself. And more than anything, know that there is always, and always, room to grow. There is going to be that add-on, which you can achieve just by consciously putting in an effort to expand.

I look at it as those people who balance fruits on their heads and dance, you can keep piling them on just to see how far you go. And if they all tumble, just pick them up and start over. There are so many thinkers who can absolutely make you question everything you have laid out for yourself, with such simple questions that you question even a blade of grass. I think its great how something so primal can make you take a complete 360 and find yourself back on the same level, but at a higher frequency. It’s like a spiral where sometimes you look straight and in that exact instant you see yourself, except the one from before, which is so scary because repetition can be quite deadly. And that is why, renaissance. Break away and be born again or rather just keep going; because at the end of the day, this is your life and you’ve come a long way. You can choose to stay the same and not delve into the inquisition that comes naturally, or you can admire the patterns of a spider making its web, and wonder about the fragmented systems that you honestly cannot fully comprehend, yet can absolutely marvel at.

“When I was young and seeking, I argued with the wise, with the learned, I argued with them about all kinds of things. But alas, at the end of it I found that I came out from the same door that I went in.”
– Omar Khayyam