Look around, seriously.

The world is a scary place. Suddenly you have to be fully aware, of every single movement because it might be an attack. To be born today, is to be educated in carrying pepper spray, or having a basic plan as to if and when danger strikes. People, when interacting with other people, whether on the street or in public transport are all highly wound up, walls strong, defences ready. One wrong move and I will flip my switch. Not necessarily attack, but at least scream and yell, tell you you’re a bad person.

There was a girl who was hacked to death at the Nungambakkam station two days ago. At 6.30 AM, daytime aka safe-time. Her attacker also got away, of course, while her body was taken only 2 hours after she fell to the platform floor and bled to death. Is this actually what it has come to?
I went to Delhi three days ago, and visited Chandni Chowk. There, children of maybe 7-11 were selling things which again, I understand it happens and they’re earning for their family and they have no choice which sucks but suck it up apparently. But these children, they didn’t act like they were 7 or 11. They were shoving each other around, and surrounded one of their own and began hitting her, I don’t know why. And she was being aggressive too, yelling out insults at each of them, and the whole scenario was just that, aggressive.
None of this is okay. In the case of the children’s situation, I understand that it’s an elitist point of view because for them it’s their life, not right or wrong. But one thing I believe is that the loss of innocence at that age and the instillation of such violence and way of thinking makes it not okay, to me.
It’s overall exceptionally frustrating because we’re all so freaking unaware. Of it all actually, ignorance is bliss but its just pure ignorance.
It’s disheartening to look around and find more rape and more murder and more people losing their shit while it is thrown aside as just another one. The numbers are increasing a little too drastically.


Patience is key. WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING considering a spontaneous life that lives in the present has to sit and think about the future and plan and looks to the past for advice through its mistakes and all that. I get it, its necessary in a way, and being spontaneous 24/7 is probably a volcano waiting to explode. But its fun, i promise.

Calmness helps, faith, trust and pixie dust too. But the bigger you are, the harder you fall, sometimes I wish the world was absolutely small.

Here, there’s an annoying reprimanding process of transient mixing and matching of identity; change is the only constant after all.

Honestly, even writing seems ugh. I want to just skip through the words and throw around a few heavy ones and you can connect the dots or get lost in the. But I shall not. I shall start writing again, slowly, I will try getting used to walking again in order to skip the fuck away as well.