Dealing with depths of sadness/Growth.

Revisit yourself. And you will find an abundance of lessons, ones that you will be so proud of yourself for, and especially the ones that still pinch a bit when you think of them. They’re the ones that make growth worth it. Perhaps we are too hard on ourselves. This world has built a system of perfection, where each flaw is broken down and analysed, always more focused on than the beauty because its easier to pick it apart.

What makes us raw human beings is our spirit. Our flaws, the messes we create and the invincible strength of the heart and the mind.

Growth is something I find myself always in awe of, however badly i may fall, further than the last perhaps. Each time I say shit, this one is worse. I get that I’ll get out, but how? Look at this.

“Where you are is not who you are.” – circumstances (-Nayyirah Waheed)

Time, friend. Give yourself some time. Take short breaks from it all. Only you truly know what you’re going through. If you’re lost, start from the bottom. If there’s no bottom, build one. And go from there. Try. If you fail, fall down again, it’s comfortable there. Sleep within it, but only if you know you’re going to get out. That part is tricky though, be gentle with yourself.

The more you force, the worse. Time moves as it chooses to. This is a little unfortunate if you make it to be, know that you cant be okay overnight, but be kind. Be gentle and graceful. Apologise to yourself. Say it with the best of intentions, you will learn from this after all. You are strong and worth the effort you put into making your life magical.

You are your own person, be there for yourself.