It’s so strange for me to read all of this currently, owing to the fact that it has been a WHILE since I’ve actually written. Poetry has been my scene of late. And it’s been quite romanticised I’d say, the very process of writing within the beautiful umbrella of poetic expression. And today I have randomly opened up this blog and went what? you actually have written all of this? Only to in depth analyse a number of posts and stare back at the screen with awe sketched all over. Hell yes!

I am great. In terms of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, existential, essentially everything. I am also not, day before I was so angry I was burning, 4 nights ago I cried after 2 months, and so on. Numbness has come and gone, etc. But here I am, alive and breathing and partying in my head.

What a beautiful life we have been given, with the possibility of anything you can think of, only if you can follow through.

One of my friends loves this quote, and I love her. (and this quote hehe).

“Speak things into existence.”

Wishing love, and light to you 🙂