Leaving and coming back

When was the moment it stopped? Quietly, it detached itself from you and crept away into the night. Perhaps when you were asleep but maybe not, because when we wake up, reality has a way of entering our lives with unfiltered truth.

The advantage for me is that I know, or know that I once did. For a brief moment of time, I was experiencing the most ideal or worlds that there is, or that I perceive to be. And then, the fall left me staggering, maybe that was bound to happen.

And now it’s the redemption, this one for me. This one to climb this magical ladder so well grounded in reality but also so high up that each step holds its own wonder, and each level, whether higher or lower, resonates truth.



The truth in forgiveness lies in the truth of letting go, whose truth is so subjective that the objective restraints on doing what is right/appropriate often take over.

We need more of us. Or, the ones who are here need to do what they/we can, to overcome the quantity by sheer quality of strength. And wholesome goodness.

Coming to 21 years of age;

Hold on to the good in this world, follow the hope and hurt.

It’s harder to be softer.

Whatever is here, is enough.

Leaves fall, things end.

You don’t need anything.

Releasing toxicity is healthy.

Everything is a reflection of you, what you eat, what you wear, and so on.

Rise above, bloom.

It’s important to love what you do, and do what you love.

You can’t go back now, keep that in mind for the present and future references.

Let the light guide you up.

There’s always a thread to hold, or to cut away.

Trust the negatives, trust the greater good.

Even fear is God because there’s belief.

Stop unconsciously tapping into things which break you.

You have yourself, you always have and you always will.

You’re going to be okay.