On my way to the light of day

I don’t think we ever know of what right and wrong is, but the ascertain in feeling, a certain way, helps differentiating the two. What do we do, when thoughts about pinning certain attitudes points at the ego, which feels wrong. Is the attitude wrong? But it’s not yours, so it’s your perception of another’s.
Then is your perception wrong, even if it feels like the nature train of thought, the unfiltered truth if you must.
To provide context, the above came about as a result of vibes that were absolutely not appreciated, in a situation wherever however I viewed it, through multiple perspectives so that the person was not quantified into being an asshole, it was just wrong. Plain and simple.
Having said that, I believe that sometimes, it’s just better to detach, quite absolutely. For the sensitive kind, to feel the heaviness and claustrophobia of bad vibes can be monstrous. Love these people, without a doubt, but there’s nothing wrong with doing so from a distance.
“When you feel the world wrapping around your neck, don’t succumb”
– Broad Shouldered Beasts, Mumford and Sons.

Escapism 101

It’s okay, leave. Just close your eyes and catch a bus and never look back and be a new person and go. Sometimes, however, coming back is inevitable (especially if you’re in college). Escapism is wonderful, absolutely, but it also kind of breeds the yearning to constantly leave so much that staying still seems impossible, whatever the situation. I guess it gets unhealthy when you feel trapped if there is none present, if you build things up in your head only to feel restricted by your freedom itself.

How do I break it? I stay still. I lose my head and break apart in the space that I am trying to run away from, inching closer and closer to the door but never opening it because then there’s that habit again. And so, I eventually pick up my pieces, which are now broken but calm, peacefully gluing parts here and there, with echoes of silence, patience and grace. (foo fighters reference yay)

“It took a while for you to find me,

But I was hiding in the lime tree.”

-The Lime Tree, Trevor Hall.