I forgot what words sound like. What I, as a human being, sound like. I have views. Educational ones. Political ones. Spiritual ones. To detach myself and also give my emotional side a person to lean on to, to understand that this is just me, I have freedom here, I can seek refuge under all these words and you can get to know me through many lenses. Here, in this real, paradoxes are possible because you read what I am saying. I am saying here, this is me, all these words flowing out, they originate from my soul and so these are all fragments so effortlessly stitched together. Now tada, I am also saying that this soul is infinite and constantly resonating with multipliers, with division and somehow still going higher, from side to side, none of this matters, for I am that which is nothing, which holds its truest essence just because.

the following bell tolls, always;


space 🙂


this way and that

i go through these phases of cutting away strings that connect to my heart,

music, art, photography, poetry, dancing in the dark,

instead i say stop, just be.

mundane and average;


but something somewhere lights up a spark

and as much as i try to resist just for the sake of it,

i begin writing again, and begin singing like a lark.

now there’s poetry spilled on the objective sphere,

the clearance of a mark that is never missed here.

all of these tangents of focused expression

mix around like fluid digression,

i am not,

just one or two,

for me i am all of it,

even if i minus a few.

once in a while

i visit this space, every now and then, to see how it’s doing; how i’m doing.

here is my human voice, gazing through all this information, i form structured sentences that make sense, that can be used in conversations, that hold their ground that is rooted in being as objective as possible.

but i also have this other voice, the one that means a little bit more,

the one that likes to soar and rhyme with all the words that i have ever known,

anushka sachdev,

i’m encapsulated within this identity, but so much higher,

in my soul, i’m a firelighter.