strangers in this town

For whatever it counts, out of 11.2 billion people doing 11.2 different things, Je Suis Ci. Here, now, hi.


I don’t know what my overall purpose is, but it would be to spread love,

Where does this love stem from? A space that is more platonic and authentic than you can imagine.

Where does this love go? Everywhere, reaching out, beauty above and below.

Who am I? Love, I am love.

What comprises this love? The unknown joys of humility and compassion, of teary eyes soulful satisfaction,

In reaching out from the soul this magic,

In holding all our hands from the tragic, and beholding the stars to the infinite yards

Of darkness and light, of struggle and fight,

Of understanding the other realms through this one,

Of perceiving the rest of the days that are undone.


ends of the earth

faith faith faith,

have hope,

things will change change change,


with the beautiful mess that you create,


all the roads that you took to arrive,

till the end

there’s a way that falls into place,





no going back now

well, shit.

you know when you see this door that says do not enter? And then every fibre of your being begins to itch as all you want to do is open it, see what the mystery is. We’re idiots sometimes, walking into traps like we’re so oblivious and hopeful, so naive that we wont get electrocuted by fences, so innocent in seeing gore that it hurts, every single time, no matter how conditioned or “strong” we end up, through all the experiences that we endure, it still breaks, almost always.

i opened a door today, honestly, just because I can. and now im screaming oops, disbelieving the perceived future that hangs itself out in front of me, but the good part is that i can still choose to be constructive about it, its just that i dont want to.

it feels strange writing like this after so long,

a surreal homecoming of sorts.

you could say

that i feel,

a little topsy turvy,

waiting for change,

for this life to finally break away,

i hear a voice that tells me to listen,

inherently a whisper but fulfilling within,

i see a light at each magical moment

that’s taken away, cut down and replaced,

because that’s what i do,

i see light even in a bruise.


for change,

for this

to be taken away.