only love

you know, i absolutely love change.

i love how what once was can give way to the present and reconfigure itself for the future and voila! you have a wonderful mix of change is truly the only constant, as you grow and grow and flow with all that is presented to you.

it gives me tears, to know the things we leave behind, but theres a smile through these, because who else if not ourselves are going to walk our own path, there is only one. you see, i am not you, and your are not me, but we are all holistically one, and so, i feel, that we should approach one another with love, and support, to grow, to change, to remain as true to their core as possible.

i believe in an ideal world, and it doesn’t have to match the current situation, but that doesn’t mean I’m not striving to bring my dreams one more step to being true 🙂

for me, love is that way, and always has been.

unconditional love that is all forgiving and all embracing,

and releases more and more each day.

thank you ❤


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