Quotes from Americanah that resonate so beautifully <3

He had begun to feel bloated from all he had acquired – the family, the houses, the cars, the bank accounts – and would, from time to time be overcome with the urge to prick everything with a pin, to deflate it all, to be free.
She had, finally, spun herself fully into being.
You are hungry and honest, that is very rare in this county.
His backbone was softened by duty.
Remember this is our newly middle-class world. We haven’t completed the first cycle of prosperity, before going back to the beginning again, to drink milk from the cow’s udder.
With no power comes no responsibility.
There was something immodest about her modesty: it announced itself.
If you’re uncomfortable about asking questions, then say you are uncomfortable about asking questions and ask them anyway. It’s easy to tell when a question is coming from a good place.
She was taking two sides at once, to please everyone, she always chose peace over truth.
To call him humble was to make rudeness normal.
Because Kimberly’s repeated apologies were tinged with self-indulgence, as though she believed that she could, with apologies, smooth all the scalloped surfaces of the world.
And he was the kind of man who took but did not give.
She was too afraid to hope, now that it seemed possible.
There was something in him, lighter than ego but darker than insecurity, that needed he constant buffing, waxing and polishing.
Do things begin to exist only when they are names?
These people, they make you aggressive just to hold your dignity.
He was like a salutary tonic: with him, she could only inhabit a higher level of goodness.
She thought of him as a person who did not have a normal spine but had, instead, a firm reed of goodness.
We have confidence but no dignity.
Here she felt that anything could happen, a ripe tomato could burst out of solid stone.
Ifemelu liked the name of the town, Willow, it sounded to her like freshly squeezed beginnings.

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