better late than never

It took me so so long to figure out what was wrong,

What has been wrong,

And it’s so surprising how our ideals can work so against us,

As we dive from one extreme to another.

It’s change,

It has always been change,

Sometimes the resilience sometimes the acceptance,

The fact that this world truly DOES spin madly on,

With higher infinites where there is no rule to one,

Its just the flow,

Good comes,

Good goes,

Ugly comes,

Ugly goes,

Nothing stays,

But the whole.

It’s this simple beauty that has taken me so long to understand why i have been feeling this numbness, these levels of extremes and what not.

At the same time, i TRULY believe that EVERYthing happens for a reason and so, this lesson has been very positively reinforced.

We change, life is fluid, our morals morph, we change.

Life is a waterfall,

We are drops in an ocean.

We are the ocean we are the wholesome,

We are all infinitesmall and large,

Now, small steps to the bigger picture through the tinier hologram of seeing closely,


Just now.


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