hey you, come back to me, be with my throat, caress my heart, feel my soul.

you know sometimes i have to consciously remind myself to do good. to the world, to those around me, and especially, to myself.

the mind has the unique power of logically deducing why we do the things we do, including the choices we make and the actions we take. however, here, there’s always the better choice. the lesser of the two evils. at the end of the day, you learn, always, whether up or down or topsy turvy with a crown, we learn, unconditionally.

but the trick here, is to continue the learning and not fall back into old patterns,

make way for constant fresh growth,

rather than holding down all your old doors,

carve beauty out of the wood,

and travel to new lands,

and to new ‘new’ghbourhoods 🙂


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