George Orwell wrote an essay called “Why I Write”, in which he describes his journey with literature. He details his motives for writing, as well as his development as an individual, and how this affected his writing and vice versa. So he tells us a lot about his personal life, because he believes that the reader must know about who is writing what they are reading.

Personally, I don’t think my age or background or a description of my physical or mental identity is required, because all that matters is that I write. This may make what your read less impactful, but it makes it unbiased; either a true connection with the words that I put out, or nothing at all. These are thoughts from a person who is half a child and half an old woman and somewhere in between there’s a something-ish floating around.

A being who would like to stay true to herself, with minimum if not absolutely no influence of external factors. Thus the blog I have created, which contains a plethora of my mind, ranging from insights to art to frustrating situations which need to be let out.

All in all, this is my contribution to the tear in your blindfold.

If it is already gone, I say hello friend, and welcome.



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