For all of us.

Ask the question why.
Apply this to every single thing.
If you don’t see the point in something, know it’s okay not to do it. You are an individual who is living and your individuality should not get diminished if you don’t want it to.

Ask the question why not.
Have fun, realise that we are all in this platonic mystery together and I highly doubt most of us have a clue as to what’s going on.
You might as well Live.

It’s okay if others judge, or disagree with you.
They have their own opinions, it is theirs.
You have your own opinions, it is yours.
Accept that. Truly, understand that.
There is a reason someone thinks the way they do, and they are aware of their thoughts.
Therefore, if someone proclaims differently, let them. It is what they want to do.

Do NOT let external factors mess with your mind.
Or let it. But get out of that.
If YOU want something, then suck it up and do it. Fight for it.

Nothing comes easy.
Where is the fun if the opposite were true? You’d be a very surface level of happy, not knowing the flip side of the coin.

Pain can be beautiful.
But only if you let it. You have to see past the “pain”, because trust me, there is so much more.

I cannot emphasise this enough. There is good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad, there is too much.
There are also two sides to every.single.thing. Never be biased.
Also, know that the light is worth the dark, or vice versa. Know that there has to be that balance.

Don’t look at your flaws as flaws.
Because they don’t exist. The word flaw should not be associated with individuals, because that gives it a very negative connotation. What’s the point if flaws didn’t exist? We would all be perfect. That sounds quite boring to me.

Lastly, laugh at human error.
Once you realise that mistakes are hilarious, it makes life that much more joyful. Learn to laugh at yourself and others.
Know that human error is beautiful, and quite amusing.


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