Wild world

And I guess the question here is what do you do when you run out of the words

And the paper

And the doorways

And the nature,

And suddenly

You breathe

A different kind of breath

The kind that makes it harder to relate now

As you rise somehow slowly above

Sometimes sludgingly below

Mostly on top

Of the great world that’s at tow.


1. A body remains at rest or moves with constant velocity when an external force acts on it.

2. The rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to the force on the body

3. When two bodies interact they exert on each other equal, but opposite forces.


It’s all here, buddy. It’s always been deep rooted in our very laws of understanding nature itself.

Nature outside = nature inside

It’s all just nature, how it is, not what it tries to be.

1. The mind is a blank slate and remains to be so until an external force acts upon it, causing an internal reaction.

2. The immensity of the external is proportional to how impactful the internal reaction is.

3. When two minds meet, there is an equal and opposite reaction as they are both different from one another.

It’s all just here man. This world is amazing, that’s all i can really say.

we want to believe that we are so much more,

than the arguments

the texts never received

the lies in between

all the days spent


for something.

and we wait all our lives

for clarity to kick in and say ah, that’s why,

all of this makes sense now,

but it’s not there,

a very few, rare of us get this opportunity,

is it because we don’t wait as much as we seek?

or is it because we believe, in something true in our dreams,

our quench for fantasy

cannot go unnoticed,

or is it solely all of us,

as the light falls effortlessly on every being.

some of us are more free than others,

some of us are more real,

and i wonder why

i really do.

i guess its because we’ve been down before we’ve been up,

had more grounding before knowing the stars

for once we reach the cosmos and beyond,

we still remember our roots and where we’re from.


i guess i always had cards up my sleeves. tricks waiting to be discovered, if by no-one then at least myself. but i found much to my surprise the entire deck unfolding into ways that have been more magical than i have ever imagined, or even fantasied of. this wonderful journey of knowing and not knowing as these fingers act in sync to perform actions that sing, all the while the earth turning rudimentarily while the entirety of existence finds itself on a tiptoeing scale of sorts, one of which we see the side its leaning to,

and yet, there is always the undying hope that we have. humanity. humaneness. the belief in taking that one seed out of raw unfiltered life and throwing it out into the world as it bursts and sprouts into a million like it and those that hone so much more than what is really known.

we are all on our journeys for there is a reason mine is not yours. there is a reason we are both here. and the point of it all is to find hwere you fit in this grander scheme of things and more importantly, what you can do to help. to genuinely go out of your way, or not, and help clean up this mess of energy that is fuelled nowadays by money and screams.

i see the hippie movement slowly finding its way back into the world,

and in that sense, the very sense of peace itself, is glowing and growing,

slowly but surely.

i look forward to the days that are yet to come,

i believe in the good things comin’, comin’, comin’ ❤

thank you for taking the time out for reading this! 🙂


lately most times,

my ears ring

and why is that?

it’s simple really,

the one whom i embrace when i write, be it prose or poetry, sings,

but otherwise,

when this outlet does not arise,

i’m another one alltogether and this one doesn’t see the light

and its a mismatched irony of fleeing to fight

and its strangely all happening spontaneously inside.




be you. be the strange mess of chaotic distress

who officially knows the life can be a rollercoaster of an absolute death,

but we live

and there are flowers that bloom on a battlefield

that do not just justify the destruction,

but proves that there’s more,

there’s resurrection,


smiles through the wars,

feathers on top of halls,

all of it and more,

you jus thave to try,

a little harder,

to smile.

hey you, come back to me, be with my throat, caress my heart, feel my soul.

you know sometimes i have to consciously remind myself to do good. to the world, to those around me, and especially, to myself.

the mind has the unique power of logically deducing why we do the things we do, including the choices we make and the actions we take. however, here, there’s always the better choice. the lesser of the two evils. at the end of the day, you learn, always, whether up or down or topsy turvy with a crown, we learn, unconditionally.

but the trick here, is to continue the learning and not fall back into old patterns,

make way for constant fresh growth,

rather than holding down all your old doors,

carve beauty out of the wood,

and travel to new lands,

and to new ‘new’ghbourhoods 🙂

better late than never

It took me so so long to figure out what was wrong,

What has been wrong,

And it’s so surprising how our ideals can work so against us,

As we dive from one extreme to another.

It’s change,

It has always been change,

Sometimes the resilience sometimes the acceptance,

The fact that this world truly DOES spin madly on,

With higher infinites where there is no rule to one,

Its just the flow,

Good comes,

Good goes,

Ugly comes,

Ugly goes,

Nothing stays,

But the whole.

It’s this simple beauty that has taken me so long to understand why i have been feeling this numbness, these levels of extremes and what not.

At the same time, i TRULY believe that EVERYthing happens for a reason and so, this lesson has been very positively reinforced.

We change, life is fluid, our morals morph, we change.

Life is a waterfall,

We are drops in an ocean.

We are the ocean we are the wholesome,

We are all infinitesmall and large,

Now, small steps to the bigger picture through the tinier hologram of seeing closely,


Just now.

And so we are

There will come a time

When things settle

When you begin to effortlessly rhyme.

There will be a day

When these demons don’t stay,

In fact that fly,

Free and happy for they are not demons anymore

Fluidity has saved you,

Transience hones you,

The sunlight warms your skin and you are home,

Blue and white and beauty inside,

Thriving and blooming,

Flowers crowning their leaves,

Smiling softly,



Sometimes you start somewhere and land up in such different and volatile spaces

The intention with which you began morphs into something much more larger than that of which you dream and so,

Work and play and names and days get intertwined

But tie the ribbon on the branch because it’s okay,

To go with the flow,

As long as it doesn’t harm you,

The traps that you resort to are hollow and so,

Fly off the wall and hold down the crude for you are whole,

Amongst such a large home,

You are going to be your own

The one that rises with no loan.

That you are,

All you’re meant to be,

That you are

Your self fulfilling prophecy.