There is knowledge

First there was a seed

and then it grew

Nurtured its heat

And then it bloomed,

Following its inherent will

Of natural sunlight, divine truth and love with light,

It understood that each morsel of uprising

Involved furthuring its roots

And some more grounding.






Are seeds

Already within us.


As you begin to write,

Understand the seed of hope within your mind,

As you sometimes may try to hold on,

Try to look within the hearts of a thousand suns.


We used to be a certain way,

And now we have today,

The yearning for the concrete mind

To release with love,

And without a fight,

But first we must begin to see

That all of this matters to our untold destiny

And so, to just remain calm,

Stay true to the warmth within this mind,

Stick with the loving kindness and smile,

Sleek to the perfection,

Try to relinquish these eyes.

And no more refined sugar,

At least try your absolute best at that,

To let go of all that makes your body heavy,

It’s not lame, nor an attempt to some strange kind of fame,

Instead it’s just the plain, simplicity, of trying to sow these seeds

Here and there I understand,

Where we kind of break through the trees,

And then we feel guilt about spiking and piercing the bark too hard

And then we begin to question our very missions in the dark,

But to again,

Once understand,

We are beings of light,

Whose forgiveness is all out in the land,

And so to practice

Self forgiveness as well

For we are worthy of this sphere of love,

We are worthy of all’s that’s here and there.

Whether its the despair or innocence,

Through the wind’s chimes we bring,

A solstice song of carrying on,

With the breeze of beauty and genuine simplicity.

do what comes naturally to you,

realise your fears aren’t innate in your tune,

detach those seeds that do not help you grow,

those one’s that are persistent with resisting the flow.

and you,

you help everyone as much as you can,

including yourself,

and try to understand that help comes from a place of genuine love and the manifestation to caress,

and so,

help. forgive. be there for the rest,

give in

give out

lay your head to layer out the nest.

you write more,

come home,

realise that inside there is just love in all of its diguises and so,


these creeping letters to your own gold,

and swallow the whole

of the bucket of love doused doors.

we are the wires,

and we are the branches,

we are the lovers,

we are the ranches,

all the way we sprangle across,

the loving horses and the roses in the lot,

to find perhaps,

the soulful lost stars,

but eventually we find that the dying deaths decay,

in a place where there is no light or dark,

no pain nor larks,

just an effervescent everglowing laugh

of these new births of these new stars.

You my baby, remain proud,

of all these silences without a shout,

as you used to numb the unknown but no longer to the sound,

as you now love all the flaws and all the walls you own.

fire up your brain and remember to write your name,

include the date and fulfil the space

love some more, and open up your doors,

make your heart free to sing,

as you do so without reasons,

for the morning to bring all the growth,

for there is plenty,

unbound yourself and release the rest,

sing some more,

fall down and pick yourself off the floor,

your heart is a warrior who is a little child in the drawers of toys,

who loves to dance without reason and loves to rejoice,

air out these rooms of the stuffiness of your throat,

speak with your voice,

and love with your soul.

dont be afraid for these tears to flow

in fact dont be afraid of anything anymore,

we have learnt, so much,

you and i,

we have been through the worst of heartaches,

and still look up to the sky,

for we know,

we know that this is growth,

with the way our hands move, now and then,

across the keyboards and with the pens,

we know now, that we are home,

within ourselves,

with love and more.

ah i guarantee you that there’s more,

for these homes that grow old and forget our doors,

all call out to the tears behind the known as we realise our own domes,

filled with the hollowness of brimming till the sun,

where windows and fresh air may break out but still the battle has not been won,

for the overwhelming fear of diziness and insecurity creep up the walls,

and the light enters through just another random brick in the hall.


Sad girl meets awakened girl,

And here I forgot,

That once a ticked out poem

Is now another on the clock,

In order to write

We must first understand the rot,

Of this predetermined destiny,

Of writing on the dot.